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Gravity Forms MIN/MAX Add-on WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms Add-on: MIN/MAX Calculations

Background Case Study

Gravity Forms is a great tool for collecting information from your visitors. Doing even semi-sophisticated logic or math beyond basic arithmetic can get complex and cluttered in a hurry. We ran into this shortfall with a client and were disappointed when the quickest solution turned out to be resorting to a template hack. Usually when we hand a client a tool like a form builder it's so they can be empowered to manage things in-house and don't always have to hire us to make subsequent changes.

The number fields in Gravity Forms have support for some calculations but it's literally just the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For this client's needs, if we'd had some way of integrating an IF/ELSE statement within the equation (like a ternary operator) or some kind of function that could return the greater or lesser of two values we could've avoided a lot of headaches.

The Plugin

After that experience we looked into extending the built-in calculation features. From that this plugin was born! Gravity Forms Add-on: MIN/MAX Calculations is a simple add-on that does what the name suggests: it allows us to use MIN() and MAX() functions within the formula fields:

Gravity Forms MIN/MAX Screenshot

Examples & Demos

This will return the smaller of three fields (inserted as merge tags) and divide 2:

MIN({Field:1}, {Field:2}, {Field:3}) / 2

And this will return the larger of the two fields and proceed to multiply by 4:

MAX({Field:1}, {Field:2}) * 4

You could even write something like this to always ensure a larger value is divided by a smaller value:

MAX({Field:1}, {Field:2}) / MIN({Field:1}, {Field:2})

This will return either the value of a field (if greater than zero) or zero:

MAX({Field:1}, 0)

This will return either the value of a field (if less than zero) or zero:

MIN({Field:1}, 0)

Download & Use

We hope you find this plugin as useful as we did. It's available in the WordPress Plugin Directory and can be found by searching for "gravity forms min max" from the Plugins > Add New page in your WordPress admin area.

If you prefer a direct link uou can find the plugin here:

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