SnapTortoise Web Development

Purveyor of top-notch Internets since 2006.

Snaptortoise is a website design and development company based out of Portland, Oregon. The people we work with are the best; passionate, dedicated and discerning individuals of taste and above-average appearance — not unlike yourself!

Our clientele runs the gamut from small businessess and film projects to independent journalists and wineries.

No two jobs are ever quite the same and we wouldn't have it any other way. Learning about what makes people tick is half the fun; the other half is leveraging our expertise to help.

Think of us as a web-development artisans. Every website is ultimately a unique, one-of-a-kind project containing its own set of challenges and problems to solve. We're in the business of finding those unique and clever solutions.

In short, if it's on the web, we can probably help.

Here's a small sampling of what we offer:

  • Custom WordPress development (Custom themes, plugins and maintenance)
  • Shopify (theme development and customization)
  • Responsive, HTML5 websites that gracefully degrade in older browsers and look fantastic on mobile devices (iOS & Android)
  • Front-end JavaScript development (jQuery, AJAX and other goodies)
  • Custom web-application development (Node, Ruby, Python, PHP)
  • Development with a wide variety of popular frameworks and platforms (CodeIgniter, Symfony, Rails, Sinatra, ExpressJS, WordPress)
  • And many more clever solutions for your uncommon problems!

Intrigued? Enquire about working with us or simply send us an email.

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