SnapTortoise Software Development and Consulting

Shipping projects big, small and in-between since 2006.  

SnapTortoise is an independent software company by George Mandis based out of Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon. In recent years, our studio's pursuits have coalesced around the following endeavors →

Who we work with

Startups, professional sports teams, non-profits, apps, entrepreneurs, boot-strapped businesses, medium and large, health-tech and ed-tech are all industries I've worked with over the years. I work best with people who have a budget, a plan and empathy.

Eager to work on fun ∓ interesting problems, partake in something that strives to help or teach people, work closely with and mentor software engineers or assist in building something fun & playful.

Always looking to collbaorate with people looking to make good, honest change or add good, honest fun to the world.

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