SnapTortoise Software Development and Consulting

Shipping projects big, small and in-between since 2006.  

SnapTortoise is an independent software company by George Mandis based out of Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon. In recent years, our studio's pursuits have coalesced around the following endeavors →

What we can offer

Development and consulting for your apps, services and other projects. Over a decade of experience helping people turn their ideas into actualities.

Mobile development, web applications, custom software, building APIs, Electron apps, Raspberry Pis (and other tiny computers), museum installations, art projects and more.


Sometimes you need someone to step in and right the ship or help you figure out the next big step for your project. I can assess what you've done and help you figure out where you're going.


Teaching, mentoring and leading teams to be their most effective and fulfilled selves is something I pride myself on. Just as I developed a reputation in my circle to come in and fix unusual challenges, I also develped a reputation as a person to bring in to facilitate communication and planning—particularly between technical and non-technical stakeholders.


After 16 years of full-stack development, I still enjoy jumping into the code and getting my hands dirty. Whether it's alongisde your team in a mangement capacity or implementing the plan we've come up with together as a part of consultancy, I can help see your project through from conception to completion.

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